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Our mission at Cloth+Foster is to support children and families experiencing foster care by providing them with tangible goods that alleviate the stress of necessities. Our goal is to empower more families to say yes to fostering children by ensuring that they have the resources they need to provide a safe and loving home.

We believe that every child deserves a stable and supportive environment, and we recognize the incredible challenges that caregiver families face in meeting the needs of children in their care. By providing essential items such as clothing, bedding, personal care products, and more, we hope to ease the burden on these families so they can focus on getting to the HEART WORK of loving, a little faster.


What our community is saying about us

Comillas Negras

Cloth + Foster is the purest and only true organization I’ve encountered that actually touches and impacts the lives of children and youth experiencing foster care directly... They are truly touching and changing lives.

Comillas Negras

Cloth+ Foster ... go beyond the basics every day, considering who the children are, their backgrounds and culture include, and sometimes the extra of thinking how special they would feel if the child knew the product was picked “just for them”. They do this anonymously and tirelessly, not just for me but for anyone that asks.

Comillas Negras

Y'all are amazing! The delivery absolutely blew that families mind!! It's a single Dad and his 5 year old daughter. Dad and I could barely talk over the sound of sheer joy coming from "L" as she discovered all her new toys and such.

- Amber,

CPS Supervisor

- Sung,

Social Worker

- Josh,

Social Worker

ready to get involved?

Whether you donate time, tangible goods or money... you can serve children experiencing foster care.

Your donation to Cloth+Foster does not pay for fancy office spaces, furniture, or paid staffing. This means your contribution is maximized to fill the needs of children and families experiencing foster care in our community. You can help provide children with essential items that comfort them in a time of need, build self-esteem and instill confidence so children and families can thrive.


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